Stop the Incinerators

Graham is backing local campaigners in both Halton and Northwich, who are leading residents’ opposition to plans for incinerators in the area.

Halton Action Group Against the Incinerator (HAGATI) and Chesire Anti-Incinerator Network (CHAIN) have both received support from Graham, who is doing all he can to campaign against the proposals.

Explaining his position, Graham said "I want to support businesses in the community and both Ineos Chlor and Brunner Mond are vital local employers. However, it is very important that the views of residents are not simply ignored and that key planning decisions are not rammed through despite overwhelming local opposition."

"The planning system designed by the last Government was bad for democracy, bad for the environment and bad for business. I am very supportive of the Localism Bill which will take steps to reform the planning system and ensure that local communities will be able to determine the appropriate level of new development for their area."