Graham writes to the Minister demanding action on the M56

In his ongoing #SaferM56 campaign Graham has written directly to the Minister of State for Transport requesting a feasibility study to be carried out on this infamous stretch of road as soon as possible.

"This road is hazardous," said Graham, "All too often accidents occur along this stretch, and I feel very strongly we need understand what it is about this stretch of road which seems to make accidents more likely to occur."

Graham has asked for this study to be carried out to find out what is needed to help make it safer to travel along, and how this can be implemented as soon as possible.

"I have been campaigning for the use of smart technology to be used along the M56 to try and make it safer, however, a feasibility study may identify other road management options which are potentially better for the particular set of circumstances we see along this stretch of road. Added to that, they may also be able to be delivered faster and cheaper - and what we need now is solutions to the problem which can be delivered as quickly as possibly."