Graham Evans: With only 4 weeks until my 5th Annual Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair, employment is on the up!

Graham Evans has welcomed new figures today showing a record level of employment across the UK with over 2.3 million more people enjoying the security of a job than in 2010.

Graham said, ‘Today’s figures are excellent news for families across this area marking an important milestone in the road to full employment. Each new job means a worker and their family with the security of a pay packet. But with Britain facing a dangerous cocktail of new risks in the global economy this year it’s more important than ever that we stick to our plan to fix Britain’s finances, as we continue to work to deliver security for families here in Weaver Vale and across the UK.’

In the Weaver Vale constituency, the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance / Jobseeker’s Allowance and Universal Credit while not in employment has fallen by 1042 - a 51 per cent drop – since 2010.

“I am passionate about helping people into work,” continued Graham, “and on February 18th I shall be holding my 5th Annual Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair at Mid-Cheshire College. Last year’s Fair saw hundreds through the doors, some were looking to get onto the jobs ladder, others wanted new jobs and skills opportunities and others were hoping to get back into work. I’m glad to say there were people who are now in work, or in dream jobs after coming to the Fair last year - and that’s what it’s all about.”

 If you are interesting in attending Graham’s 5th Annual Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair, doors open at 10am. If you have a business which is currently looking to recruit stands are absolutely free, please contact for more information or phone 01925 606500. Companies confirmed so far include: Roberts Bakery, Fujitsu, IBM, Technoprint, Eurocamp, Positive Outcomes Apprenticeships, Cheshire Fire and Rescue, Homeinstead, Timpson, Tiger Trailers, Barclays and the Army.