Fact finding meeting on Fracking

Residents living in Helsby may have noticed that some exploratory works have started in Helsby, and surrounding areas, recently relating to fracking.

Fracking is the process of releasing natural gas from deep down in the earth by drilling and then putting a water mixture under very high pressure down the drill hole to release the gas from underground rocks. As a planet, and a country, we're using more and more energy and this is a relatively new way of releasing a natural energy to power our ever growing energy based lifestyles!

We often hear about fracking on the news, but I've found that the pros and cons are never fully explained. With these investigations in Helsby happening at the moment, and following my comments whilst being interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside earlier this week, I’m arranging to host a fact finding meeting for Helsby residents so that we can all learn more on this issue. I’ll be inviting a panel of experts who we can all quiz about fracking - what would be involved here in Helsby if gas was found, is the extraction process safe and what would this mean for local residents etc etc.

As I understand it at the moment, if the current investigations locate gas supplies which the fracking companies feel are viable enough to extract commercially, then this would go out to public consultation. I always believe that knowledge is power, and so I hope that this meeting will provide us all with the knowledge we need to ensure all residents are able to make an informed decision should this come to public consultation.

The meeting will take place soon at a local venue. As you would anticipate, I'm expecting attendance to be high, so could you please register your interest to attend by either phoning my office on 01925 606500 or emailing felicity.roochove@parliament.uk. As soon as I have all the finalised details, I’ll be back in touch.

yours sincerely