Graham Evans: Crackdown on roadwork disruption will ease congestion for motorists in Weaver Vale

Graham Evans has welcomed new proposals to crackdown on disruption caused by roadworks on local roads, with new rules being considered that would reduce disruption for families and businesses in Weaver Vale who rely on our local roads to get around.

The new rules would encourage the start of 7-day working on local roadworks. Under the plans being considered, councils and utility companies would face paying up to £5,000 a day if motorists are needlessly inconvenienced by roadworks left in place on local A-roads over a weekend with no one actually working on them. There could also be charges when temporary traffic lights are left in place.

Roadworks on these council-managed A-roads would either have to continue over the weekend, minimising the length of the project, or be lifted until work was resumed.  

By minimising disruption this would mean faster and more reliable journeys on our roads, benefitting local people who have to deal with disruption.

This action comes alongside big investment in our roads, with £15 billion being invested in England’s road network through the Road Investment Strategy for major projects to improve and renew the network.

Graham commented, ‘This is fantastic news for all the families and businesses in our part of Cheshire who rely on our local roads to get around.

‘We all know the frustration of the disruption that roadworks can cause. By encouraging 7-day working, or the lifting of works at weekends, these changes could help minimise the inconvenience we all face.

‘By taking action on roadworks, and delivering £15 billion of investment in our roads, we are ensuring that our roads are looked after and improved for the future, with fast, reliable journeys for the working people and businesses that depend on them.’