Graham asks the Secretary of State for Health about dementia care


Today, Graham raised the subject of dementia care in the House of Commons with the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt.


“I really want to work to raise awareness of this issue,” said Graham, “I was struck by Gladys’s story of her own experience, and of course that terrible experience must be repeated in homes and hospitals throughout the country. Sadly, dementia isn’t going anywhere – with an aging population it is actually on the rise. In Gladys’s case she was managing as carer to her husband for many years, but when he was admitted to hospital for an unrelated illness his mental health rapidly deteriorated. So much so that he has had to be admitted into a care home, and is now separated from his wife.”


Graham asked the Health Minister to specifically look into this case, and asked what measures are in place and how we can improve matters so that we can stop patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia suffering when they are admitted to hospital.